Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality

Virtual reality:
a compelling experience

You’ve probably already come into contact with virtual reality on your smartphone or with a professional VR set. If so, you know exactly how compelling the experience can be. You’ve already become part of the experience: welcome to the new reality.

It goes without saying that the impact line rises rapidly when you explain something in 2D, 3D or virtual reality. The more your senses are stimulated, the better the message comes across. If it’s the ultimate digital impact you’re after, then choose VR.

Once your target group has seen how your product works in virtual reality, it will stick in their mind. Thanks to the immersive nature of VR, you will leave an indelible impression with everyone who experiences it.

Get your clients to experience your product

In particular, virtual reality provides added value when you can take (potential) clients to places where they would otherwise not be able to go. For example, underground or alongside a radar system on an oil tanker. Convince prospective clients by showing them how your product works in practice in surroundings that are completely immersive.

Professional VR or via an app

Virtual reality with professional equipment is ideal for exhibitions or internal presentations. But you can also decide to offer clients an app on which they can experience your new product in virtual reality on their smartphone. Together we can find the added value which brings about greater turnover and/or engagement.

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