Project Description

Solutions for a comfortable home environment

Wendy Wind, international marketing manager at Brink Climate Systems: “Brink Climate Systems strives to create comfort and health in homes. We achieve this with our solutions in the field of ventilation, heating, cooling and hot water generation. In this way our customers can enjoy a comfortable home environment.

The VSK and ISH are important installation trade fairs for Brink. We therefore wanted to turn out great here. C4Real has been our regular partner in the field of our visual marketing strategy for several years now. Together we have defined our objectives and worked out how we are going to achieve these. With unity and a complete story as starting points.”

“De prachtige product visualisatie die C4Real produceerde is voor ons een uitstekend hulpmiddel om de waarde propositie van een complex product weer te geven – namelijk continu – vezel versterkte, thermoplastische composieten .”
H. Albers, Marketing Manager Advanced Composites, C4Real
“De toegevoegde waarde van het werken met een partij als C4Real is dat zij in staat zijn om zichzelf in de positie van Zodiac Aerospace te verplaatsen. Ze zijn daarom veel meer een partner dan een leverancier voor ons. ”
D. Boreel, Business Development Manager, Zodiac Aerospace
“We hebben extreem positieve reacties ontvangen op de film die C4Real voor ons ontwikkelde. Het opende veel ogen tijdens ons symposium.”
C. Hoppenbrouwer, Hoofd Marketing & Communicatie, Dura Vermeer
“De klant krijgt met de 3D visualisatie van C4Real echt een inzage in het probleem en wat ons systeem doet – zonder in te gaan op technische details. Dit zou mogelijk zijn geweest met film. Alleen het materiaal en de informatie die we konden geven was gelimiteerd. De resultaten waren verbluffend.”
J. Leif Svane, Director Advanced Sensors & Effectors, TenCate Protective Fabrics
“Vakmensen die een beleving weten te regisseren tot een stuk vakwerk.”
Anne Wilmink, Marketing Manager, Schuitemaker Machines BV
“Our animations ensure that we are seen at trade shows”
Wendy Wind, International marketing manager, Brink Climate Systems

Impactful animations from co-creation

“Our objective for the VSK and ISH was to introduce our new products Flair, Pure induct, Elan 4 and further load our Air for Life pay-off. We wanted to do that through impactful animations.

We focus very strongly on visualization. That is necessary, because the strength of our products lies in what happens inside. By showing this, we can make clear why clients, consultants and installers should choose Brink Climate Systems.

As we are used to from C4Real, it has been a real co-creation process. Together we decided what we will continue to improve in new projects. “


Future-proof attention guaranteed

“C4Real has made animations for us to visualize the functioning of the Flair (balanced ventilation), Pure induct (extra air purification) and Elan 4 (air heating). For the electrical version of the latter product, the Elan E, we had a separate animation made. We also made an overall animation with the theme Air for Life. It was played on large screens above our stand. In this film we linked our products as a business friend of the Lung Fund to healthy air and healthy lungs for the whole family.

Because we are present in a very visual way at important trade fairs, it attracts the attention of the visitor and helps attract more interested people to our stands. We can also, by means of animations, show products that are still under development at the trade fairs. Along with a physical prototype, this helps our colleagues to explain our story.

We have succeeded in our objective to create a clear visual line on which we can build towards the future. Our animations with fixed Brink voice-over are clearly ‘family’. We also place our animations on our website and share them on social media for a wider range.”

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