Project Description

Futuristic holograms have finally arrived

We are all familiar with holograms in futuristic films and TV shows, but they actually exist. C4Real has already done its first set of projects with it.

There is a range of hologram techniques. The technique we used for a previous project consists of a pyramid of glass or synthetic material on which something is projected from the top on all sides. Because you see the projection in the air as it were and also in multiple dimensions, your brain is lied to by your eyes and is fooled into thinking you are looking at something that is not really there. Which allows for many great things…

The pyramid hologram is great, but is limited within the shape of the pyramid. But with new technologies like the Microsoft-hololens holograms are projected in the user’s surroundings. Better known as Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. With this technique a virtual reality will be displayed in the actual reality. Which opens up endless possibilities when it comes to introducing a new product for example. With the hololens products will create a spectacular first impression.

“De prachtige product visualisatie die C4Real produceerde is voor ons een uitstekend hulpmiddel om de waarde propositie van een complex product weer te geven – namelijk continu – vezel versterkte, thermoplastische composieten .”
H. Albers, Marketing Manager Advanced Composites, C4Real
“De toegevoegde waarde van het werken met een partij als C4Real is dat zij in staat zijn om zichzelf in de positie van Zodiac Aerospace te verplaatsen. Ze zijn daarom veel meer een partner dan een leverancier voor ons. ”
D. Boreel, Business Development Manager, Zodiac Aerospace
“We hebben extreem positieve reacties ontvangen op de film die C4Real voor ons ontwikkelde. Het opende veel ogen tijdens ons symposium.”
C. Hoppenbrouwer, Hoofd Marketing & Communicatie, Dura Vermeer
“De klant krijgt met de 3D visualisatie van C4Real echt een inzage in het probleem en wat ons systeem doet – zonder in te gaan op technische details. Dit zou mogelijk zijn geweest met film. Alleen het materiaal en de informatie die we konden geven was gelimiteerd. De resultaten waren verbluffend.”
J. Leif Svane, Director Advanced Sensors & Effectors, TenCate Protective Fabrics
“Vakmensen die een beleving weten te regisseren tot een stuk vakwerk.”
Anne Wilmink, Marketing Manager, Schuitemaker Machines BV

The future: interactive holographic technology

Recently, Nike presented a real shoe in a store in San Francisco and used holographic technology to apply a range of effects. For instance, the shoe suddenly caught fire, information on the sole was presented or a massive rain shower suddenly poured down on it. It is a very effective way of communicating that this Nike shoe can withstand all weather conditions.

C4Real now also possesses this technology and we are even taking it a step further. We are working on combining mobile devices and visuals. And recent new developments are interactive apps for the hololens. Visualised content is thus moving towards the future of interactivity and is quickly integrating into our daily visual reality.

Do you own a hololens yourself? Download the new Smart Watch and Formula 1 Race Car apps and enter the interactive world of holographic visuals

Click on the images above to download the apps.

Complete integration

We are at the eve of fantastic technological developments. In our view, the future consists, for example, of holographic output of the 3D product configurators we create. It is easy to imagine how much of an impression this will leave at trade fairs and during product launches. Imagine yourselves configurating your new car and then driving it around in your own neighborhood.

To us, holographic technology is a means to move further towards complete integration of all sorts of sense and audiovisual possibilities. It is our passion and our second nature to continue to develop ourselves in terms of these types of possibilities, so we can contribute with our services to the best possible customer value for our clients. For now and in the future.

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