Project Description

Frigates for the Royal Navy

Thales is part of an industrial consortium of shipbuilders and designers called Team 31e. Babcock International Group is the main contractor for the T31e bid to the Royal Navy, who is looking for new frigates. In this context, they find it important to work with market solutions that already exist, so that five new frigates can be built quickly, reliably and cost-effectively for the British navy. The Arrowhead 140 from Thales is an ideal solution for this.

Since C4Real has been working with Thales for years in the field of high-quality animations, Thales has put us forward as their partner. In a very short time we have created a very high-quality animation in support of the T31e bid, which includes a total budget of approximately 1.25 billion euros. The result is a clear and realistic explanation of the solution that Babcock International Group and Thales can offer to the Royal Navy.

“De prachtige product visualisatie die C4Real produceerde is voor ons een uitstekend hulpmiddel om de waarde propositie van een complex product weer te geven – namelijk continu – vezel versterkte, thermoplastische composieten .”
H. Albers, Marketing Manager Advanced Composites, C4Real
“De toegevoegde waarde van het werken met een partij als C4Real is dat zij in staat zijn om zichzelf in de positie van Zodiac Aerospace te verplaatsen. Ze zijn daarom veel meer een partner dan een leverancier voor ons. ”
D. Boreel, Business Development Manager, Zodiac Aerospace
“We hebben extreem positieve reacties ontvangen op de film die C4Real voor ons ontwikkelde. Het opende veel ogen tijdens ons symposium.”
C. Hoppenbrouwer, Hoofd Marketing & Communicatie, Dura Vermeer
“De klant krijgt met de 3D visualisatie van C4Real echt een inzage in het probleem en wat ons systeem doet – zonder in te gaan op technische details. Dit zou mogelijk zijn geweest met film. Alleen het materiaal en de informatie die we konden geven was gelimiteerd. De resultaten waren verbluffend.”
J. Leif Svane, Director Advanced Sensors & Effectors, TenCate Protective Fabrics
“Vakmensen die een beleving weten te regisseren tot een stuk vakwerk.”
Anne Wilmink, Marketing Manager, Schuitemaker Machines BV

Focus on speed and costs

Rob Assink, Studio Manager at C4Real: “Speed, reliability and costs are very important to the Royal Navy. It is therefore the goal to communicate as well as possible how Babcock can meet this objective. And they can. The Iver Huitfeldt from Denmark is a frigate that this consortium has already built. Here comes a new control and radar mast. Everything will be exactly as the Royal Navy wants. Because it is adaptation on an existing platform, things can be done very quickly. In 2023, the frigates will be delivered. Proven, capable and adaptable is the message that is central to Team 31e communication.

An additional challenge was that it was a pressure cooker production. Under high pressure, something had to be delivered in a short time that was of high quality. Bottleneck thereby was the rendering. Computers must calculate each image separately in a 3D animation. With 25 frames per second it can take quite a while. Especially if you work with simulations of water, as we have done here.”


Realistic water animations, fast rendering and co-creation

“In the animation you see images of the existing Iver Huitfeldt, which merge into a 3D model. We have adapted this to a Royal Navy-ready model. After that, the navy can still fully adapt it as they want and we show examples of this. This visualization is central in the bid they make for the five frigates.”

“An upgrade of our render farms has enabled us to manage the rendering to customer expectations in the short production time. As a result, the animation looks top notch and we have delivered it in time. With realistic water simulations.”

“The beauty of this production is that we have really worked in co-creation with Thales and Babcock. We knew each other well of course, but we have never worked so closely together. That worked well, especially when you see what the common end result looks like.”

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