Interactive 3D

3D Web experience
to the next level

In a product presentation, you can have the visitor experience the product for him or herself. By adding various hotspots, or buttons to the product, you can decide on how much information about the product you want to reveal. For example, the exploded view function allows you to explain each and every component.

The product presentation can be expanded to become lead generator. At certain moments you can deliberately choose not to reveal information so the visitor is prompted into giving their contactinformation so that the relevant information can be sent at a later stage. You can measure all this with the extensive range of options for user analytics.

A product configurator enables your visitors to put together a product themselves on the basis of the possibilities presented by the product. Later, you can send the configured product to the visitor for information or as a quote. Or you can link it directly to your sales system.

Getting across the ultimate online experience

Getting clients to configure the product themselves, showing them how it is used and what it can be used for through an interactive 3D environment – that’s what’s known and conveying the experience. It’s as if the site visitor him or herself is in a film you are directing. As producer in B2C and B2B, using
self-directed content, it’s possible to create your own world – one in which clients can configure their own product in the way they want. In essence, it’s the client who does the storytelling. All you need to do is to facilitate them – we’ll gladly help you in this.

Branding, conversion and customer information

Interactive 3D environments can be deployed to develop your branding, to increase your conversion and to acquire more information about your clients. At the same time, the client retains control over how they experience the content. What more, everything is quantifiable, so you know exactly what works and what doesn’t. The future is self-directed, immersive 3D content, but the possibilities are already here now.

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