From creative excesses to E-learning

At the start of the new year we like to look forward. What will 2019 bring us? Do we still look at advertisements, for example? And is content marketing already past the hype? In short, what should we pay attention to as marketers in 2019? Below a number of interesting developments at a glance.

Get rid of traditional marketing

Traditional ways of marketing work less and less. It has been known for a number of years that people respond less and less to advertisements. This also applies to online advertisements. 30% of all internet users have an ad blocker. And that number is only increasing. So it’s time for a different approach.

More and more people rely on other sources to find information. They prefer to go to people they know to hear about their experiences, search the site of a brand they know, read blogs, watch informative (YouTube) videos and watch or read reviews.

Naturally, marketers also see these trends. That is why we are increasingly focusing on content marketing, influencer marketing and other methods that are aimed at providing valuable content for the target group. This makes content marketing more common and makes it no longer a hype. In 2019, a lot of new content will be added. Many of the other trends mentioned in this article are also related to this.

Creative excesses

Now that more and more content is being created, you notice that campaigns quickly become ten-a-penny. Everyone claims that they are unique, innovative, sustainable, challenging and so on. And yet we hear and see much of the same. And when I say ‘much’, I really mean ‘a lot’. Never has so much information been available as now. In order to ensure that you stay on course, you have to be creative. But how do you make sure you stand out? You can make a nice infographic, of course, just like all your fellow colleagues. Or take your customers on a true 3D experience, during which they discover all kinds of special facts during their journey. Which of these two will people talk about?  If you want to stand out in 2019, you have to be creative.

Marketing is not just about the marketing department anymore

As mentioned earlier, traditional marketing communications are no longer very effective. The target group wants to be able to form an opinion and does so by absorbing information. This means that a lot of content has to be created to fulfill this requirement. This content doesn’t just necessarily have to come from the marketing department. In fact, much of the content that the target audience wants, can be obtained from the various departments of an organisation. Developers of a product can explain very well how the product works and give a glimpse of the ‘workshop’. The sales department can retrieve customer stories and experiences, while the technical department can explain perfectly how a product is developed and what you can do with it. This makes content marketing something that is taken care of by an entire organisation.

Verbal search

The way we search for information online is changing. Nowadays you just ask your smartphone or smartspeaker what you want to know. For example, in 2020 50% of all searches will be verbal. Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google assistant and Cortana are becoming increasingly popular. This year you must ensure that you can be found this way, if you want to appear in the 2020 search results. This means that different or more content must be created, in which these questions are asked and answered.

Visual searches

We are becoming more and more visually oriented. This is also reflected in our search behaviour. In addition to verbal searches, we will be doing more visual searches in the coming years. Just try to describe an image. What words would you use to describe the shoes you are currently looking at? With visual search you take a picture of the shoes and search online for similar images. It’s very useful that you immediately come to a webshop where you can buy those shoes. There are many advantages here especially for e-commerce.

But to be honest, visual search doesn’t always work as desired. Nevertheless, visual search technology is developing significantly; from reverse image search to face recognition and Google Lens. The development of visual search has lagged behind so far. That will change in the coming years. Especially Millennial and Gen Z make more and more use of this technology. 62% prefer visual search. If you also want to be found visually, it is advisable to learn about this technology and its possibilities. Make sure you are visible!

Video marketing or visual marketing

Making videos is something that many organisations are already working on. This will only increase in 2019. A big difference in 2019 is that more thought is put into these videos. ‘Just making a video’ is no longer an option. It has to have a purpose, and a yield. So make videos that generate leads. That requires a plan, a strategy. Video marketing. Or another step up, visual marketing strategy. Thinking about what you are making visible. Does it match your brand/service/target group? What will it yield? Can you use it more often? Think first, and then produce.

An extension of this is E-learning. There is so much to learn and so little time to do it. That is why we are going to do a lot more with E-learning this year. Comfortably on your own sofa or on the train. We often look at webinars, courses, explanation videos and background stories. We do all this digitally and through videos.


The above developments are only a small selection of marketing developments. Nevertheless, we can conclude that content marketing remains very important in 2019. This content must be creative, aimed at the right search (including verbal and visual searches) and a large part of this content is visual.

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