Partnership with C4Real leads to visualisations with a huge impact

The ISH in Frankfurt is the largest international trade fair in Europe, where Brink Climate Systems, producer of ventilation solutions, has profiled itself on the market for years as international oriented company. Just as their continuously increasing brand awareness, Brink’s booth also gets bigger every year. This year the company made an extra special effort and thereby enlisted the assistance of C4Real as specialist in visualisations. 

Visualising innovative solutions

At the ISH 2017 Brink wanted to further expand their brand awareness and at the same time profile the company even better as supplier of innovative ventilation solutions. Adriaan Cramer, Head of Product Management & Marketing: “During this trade fair we focused on the total solutions and not on separate products and components that we can supply. It was important for us to have access to supporting visualisations to show how innovative our solutions are.”

At that moment, the assistance of C4Real was enlisted, with whom Brink had a good collaboration with previous fair visualisations. As both parties entered the first consultation without any concrete direction, the end result could still go either way. It started with an idea for a kind of corporate film about Brink in general, but soon focus was given to a visual concept that should attract fair visitors to Brink’s booth.

Brink Climate Systems

Wendy Wind, International Marketing Manager at Brink Climate Systems: “That concept became a connecting film, that was created and implemented together with C4Real. It includes all parts that we want to communicate and it also perfectly matches the booth that we had at the ISH. The lady, who is Brink’s face in our expressions, also got a leading role in the fair film. So, it has become a visualisation that goes beyond just taking part in a trade fair. With this we have extended our line of communication. It has become part of a content strategy.”

Interactive instruction film

Visualisations were also used at product level, says Adriaan Cramer: “For the Flair, our most important ventilation product for the coming years, we have visualised in a film how it operates and what it can do for people. We have also pictured the filtering of fine dust with the “Pure induct” this way, so the health benefits for contaminated areas are clearly transmitted through animation. So, we were able to show the benefits without presenting these products in operation. In addition, we developed an instruction film for the Air 70, something we have not done before. Visitors could quickly move to the part that was applicable for them. The responses were very positive, as it clearly contributes to the experience of the booth.”

Brink Climate Systems

With every product setup in the booth there was also a screen present to transmit more information. During the brainstorming session with C4Real, Brink soon realised that more impact was needed. This was possible by literally using a large 103-inch screen. This was put down vertically at a prominent place and the umbrella visualisation was played continuously on this. The recognisable Brink-lady attracted visitors to the booth this way.

Close collaboration

It really was a close collaboration between Brink and C4Real. From the first brainstorming session up to asking the right questions and from the development of story boards up to the filming. This has resulted in visualisations that really provide added value to the Brink brand.

Wendy Wind: “Both parties invested a lot of time in the creation of the story boards. Therefore, you have a better insight on what the end result should be. Because we had such a good preparation, we could also deal with the tight time schedule during the film shoot. Many shots had to be made anyway that due to the two screen formats were also made twice: horizontally and vertically. Luckily, we had a good team during the film shoot that operated very professionally. There have been various learning moments for the future, such as an even better application of the interactive instruction film. Our collaboration will definitely be continued whereby we use each other’s values/strengths.”

Brink Climate Systems


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